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Sail Experts is a Russian yachting sports company. The reason for us starting a commercial enterprise is simple. Each year more Russians are interested in learning to captain a yacht, renting yachts and participating in international regattas.

Learn how to handle a yacht and get your captains license at any one of our schools located in Yekaterinburg, Russia or IYT in Turkey.

Interested in renting a yacht abroad? You can save money with Sail Experts. We’ve partnered with local tourism and regional sporting departments to offer yacht rentals at pricing below charters.

We currently provide rental services all over the world and we know where to find what you need.

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We have a lot of experience of participation in the different sailing events and regattas.

There are some of our results during the last few years: View Results

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We`ll be happy to answer your questions! If you want to rent a boat, please, specify as much details as possible. If you want to take a part in regatta - just let us know about your wish. We are happy to kindly answer any of your question.